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Syed Muzammil Shah

Syed Muzammil Shah

Syed Muzammil is a Mass Communication graduate based in Lahore. He likes to write about social, cultural and current issues of the country.


I’m a maestro at this art of “Mitchcraft”,
But I draw humiliated, solemn faces,
They call me “Mitchell-Angelo”

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A Freeman’s Utopia

It’s a protest; a revolt, it’s nihilism too,
My motherland has no borders, no demarcation, no boundaries,
I didn’t open my eyes to one flag,
To one chunk of land,
To one passport,
To a distinguished nationality,
I opened my eyes to this planet, our mother Earth

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The Bare Pakistan

I am Pakistan’s disasters
I am Pakistan’s resilience
His prejudices
And fervor.

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Ahmed Rashid on Politics of Turmoil in the Muslim World

Ahmed Rashid, a renowned journalist and author of bestselling “Taliban: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism” spoke on the rise of ISIS, Yemen Crisis and their impact on Pakistan in a talk hosted by The Last Word.

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