“Hadi is not legally fit to be President” – Zafar Hilaly discusses the Yemen Conflict at HIVE [karachi]

“Hadi is not legally fit to be President” – Zafar Hilaly discusses the Yemen Conflict at HIVE [karachi]

Karachi: “The Yemeni leader Mansur Hadi is not legally fit to be President. Under international law, no state can recognize a government which has lost its writ.” These views were expressed by Zafar Hilaly, Pakistan’s former ambassador to Yemen, at a roundtable to discuss the ongoing Yemen crisis at HIVE [karachi].

Ali Hussain Mehanti, a leader of Jamaat-e-Islami, stated that his party strongly condemns Saudi involvement in the Yemen conflict and added that Pakistan should try to resolve the conflict through mediation. Khurram Zaki, a civil society activist, was of the opinion that the conflict in Yemen is an internal matter and foreign powers should refrain from getting involved in it.

Dr. Riaz Sheikh, Associate Professor at SZABIST Karachi, stressed that the Yemen conflict does not have a sectarian basis, but is rather a result of multiple economic and political factors that have caused the present situation to erupt. The discussion was moderated by Fahd Ali, a researcher associated with Habib University, and was attended by activists, journalists and academics from the city.

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