Rab Nawaz
Editor in Chief

Rab Nawaz, an activist, is interested in diverse intellectual pursuits. As part of Khudi Pakistan, he has travelled all over the country mobilizing and training youth for grassroots democratic transformation. He is also an Echenberg Human Rights Fellow at McGill University. A graduate of Law and Philosophy, he is currently pursuing an M. Phil in Mass Communication.
Email: editor@laaltain.com
Twitter: @nawaz_rab


Fatima Mullick
Contributing Editor

Fatima is Founding Member and Executive Director of Khudi Pakistan. In her role, she works with a wide range of stakeholders from government, educational institutions, civil society and the media to mobilize youth across the country to engage in democratic engagement and social activism. Fatima holds a BSc in Economics, Politics and International Studies from the University of Warwick (2006) and an MSc in International Relations from SOAS (2007).
Email: fatima@khudipakistan.com
Twitter: @fmullick


Umair Vahidy
Head of Digital Communications

Umair is a student of Literature and Media Studies. As a youth activist, Umair started his journey with the Institute for Peace and Secular Studies (IPSS). He is now Head of Digital Communications at Khudi and The Laaltain.
Email: uvahidy@khudipakistan.com
Twitter: @uvahidy


Muhammad Shoaib
News Editor, Chief Correspondent

Muhammad Shoaib is editor of the news section and is responsible for liaising with the correspondents' network of the Laaltain.
Email: shoaib@laaltain.com


Nade Ali
Digital Communication Assistant

Nad E Ali is working as Digital Communication Assistant in The Laaltain and currently living and practicing photography in Lahore.
Email: nadeali@laaltain.com


Abad ul Haq

Abad ul Haq has been working as a journalist for about two decades. He has an extensive experience of reporting for various national and international media outlets.


Ajmal Jami
Journalist, Columnist

Ajmal Jami is a journalist currently working with Dunya News as an anchorperson and special correspondent. His M. Phil thesis on Mumbai Attacks and Role of Media in Peace Process has been published as a book. He writes regularly on national politics and social issues for Laaltain and Dunya Blog.
Twitter: @ajmaljami


Ali Abbas
Journalist, blogger, activist

Ali Abbas, a graduate in Mass Communication from Punjab University Lahore, is a seasoned journalist with years of experience in print and electronic media. Mr. Abbas started his career in journalism in 2006 when he joined Urdu Daily Ausaf, one of the main newspapers of vernacular media in Pakistan. His commitment to human rights coupled with an aptitude for investigation led him to write on a number of social issues considered taboo in Pakistani society. In March 2010, Ali Abbas switched to research and advocacy in Conflict and Peace issues. He joined Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS), Pakistan’s only independent think-tank on conflict and counter-terrorism, as a researcher. During his stint with PIPS, Mr. Abbas also edited monthly Tajziat, an Urdu-language periodical which covers issues of militancy, extremism and war on terror. In 2012, Ali Abbas returned to Lahore where he continued to work for Daily Dunya, an Urdu language newspaper of one of the largest media groups in Pakistan. At Daily Dunya. Mr. Abbas was responsible for conducting political interviews and feature-writing on socio-cultural issues.


Behzad Taimur
Journalist, blogger, activist

Behzad Taimur is a journalist and a social activist, who has worked with Dawn, Pakistan Today and a string of online news and current affairs portals. He has founded a student association for human rights, and a TEDx conference. He is a self-proclaimed cultural critic, and a budding writer who likes to dwell on questions of life, purpose, meaning and what it really means to be alive.


Imran Khan
Social Development Practitioner

Imran Khan is currently managing the civil society portfolio at Alif Ailaan, a national education campaign. He is a founding member of Khudi Pakistan, where he headed the strategic communications department for over two years. A graduate of GC University Lahore, Imran Khan did his Masters in Anthropology from Quaid-e-Azam University. He has participated in international leadership and exchange programs, including International Visitor Leadership Program of the US State Department and Strategic Non-Violent Action course of Fletcher International School. Imran Khan has an interest in how social mobilization can hold state institutions to account and transform governance.


Mehmal Sarfraz
Journalist, columnist, activist

Mehmal Sarfraz is a freelance journalist and regional Deputy Secretary General South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA). Her columns and analyses mainly focus on highlighting religious extremism and terrorism in Pakistan, women's rights, minority rights, peace in the South Asian region, inter-faith harmony, media freedom and politics.
Twitter: @Mehmal


Rafiullah Kakar
Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, blogger, activist

Rafiullah Kakar is a student of Master of Public Policy (MPP) at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford. Hailing from Balochistan, he is the Rhodes Scholar from Pakistan for the year 2013. He did his undergrad in Political Science from Government College University (GCU) Lahore, Pakistan. Prior to starting MPP studies, Kakar served as a member of the Youth Parliament Pakistan. While studying at GCU, he also got a chance to study in the United States for one semester under the Global UGRAD Exchange Program of the US State Department. Mr. Kakar is a social activist and an occasional blogger. His research interests include identity politics, foreign policy and governance issues. He aims at doing specialization in the study of global and regional peace and conflict issues.


Salahuddin Safdar
Journalism graduate, blogger, activist

Salahuddin Safdar hails from Arifwala, a city in Central Punjab. A graduate of mass communication from University of the Punjab, he is currently pursuing his M. Phil from Quaid-e-Azam University. He is working with the National Assembly of Pakistan as parliamentary researcher. In the past, he has been working with various print and electronic media as well as development organizations. He writes on socio-political issues.


Shiraz Hassan
Journalist, blogger

Shiraz Hassan is a journalist based in Islamabad. His work focuses on cultural heritage, socio-political and minorities’ issues.
Blog: shirazhassan.blogspot.com/
Twitter: @shirazhassan


Usman Shahid
Lecturer in journalism, columnist

Since 2006, Usman Shahid has been working as a journalist at the tender age of 19 during his freshman year as a student of journalism. Initially, he worked for two years as a sub editor at Daily Waqt, a national Urdu daily. Along with studies, he has been writing features and articles as a freelancer for different dailies, periodicals and blogs both in Urdu and English. His areas of interest are conflict studies, media ethics, and youth. Recently, he has been selected as a reporter for Truth Tracker, a joint project of UPI Next and INTERMEDIA, investigating the statements and promises of Pakistani politicians and government officials. Earlier this year, Usman was amongst the top 30 young journalists from 8 South Asian countries who were selected for a multimedia training workshop ‘South Asia’s Youth at Risk – Multimedia Story Telling’, organized by International Center For Journalists (ICFJ) in Nepal. Besides, teaching mass communication, he is doing an MPhil in Political Science where his research work is focusing on political agenda setting role of media in Pakistan. He has also co-authored a book, Indo Pak People to People Contact: A victim of national insecurities.


Zahid Imroz
Poet, Physicist, activist

Zahid Imroz is a poet, writer and physicist. He has published two books of poems. His first poetry collection "Khudkushi kay Mausam Mein" got published in 2009. This year, his second collection of poems "Kainati Gard Mein Uriya'n Shaam" has been published. He translates poems of different poets as well. Translations of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda "Muhabbat ki Nazmein Aur Beybasi ka Geet" was published in 2013. Occasionally, he writes on social and literary issues. He teaches physics and also works on global peace and security.


Zaighum Abbas
Political commentator, activist

A graduate of Political Science from Government College University Lahore. Zaighum is a commentator on social and political issues. His areas of interest include political theory, philosophy and literature.
E mail: zagum@khudipakistan.com
Twitter: @zagume