The Bare Pakistan

The Bare Pakistan

I am Pakistan’s disasters

I am Pakistan’s resilience

His prejudices

And fervor.

That blazing ferocious sun which strikes only the poor of Karachi and pardons the rich

That torrent of monsoon flood which demolishes peasants houses, ignoring the nearby palace of the landlord

That dancing death in a farmer’s house whose seeds the government didn’t buy

That wrath of God destined for the weak only.
I am the falsified history which is being taught to the pupils

History which glorifies the tyrants and undermines the real sons of the soil.
I am the bellicose politician’s instinct of felony; felony that loots a nation

I am that broken oath on the Quran, the testimonial of a Military General that he will not intervene in politics

That wand of a serviceman which he uses against his own countrymen

That constitution which he suspends

I’m the defense budget, it’s a taboo to bat an eye on me

I hide behind denials when it comes to Balochistan, suppressing and humiliating their voices.
I am also that stolen baby from a children’s ward that left my mother with hue and cry

A poor man’s kidney, stolen and sold by a crooked doctor

The instinct of that barbarity which makes a person steal dead bodies

Dead bodies from the unsafe cemeteries, from the unsafe graves

I am that urea being adulterated in milk

Milk that is fed to an infant and runs in his veins

I am the agony of a 6 months old baby being raped by a barbarian

The misery of an incarcerated man for a crime he didn’t commit

A life wasted behind the bars

I’m the poison a homeless mother mixes in food to feed her kids and to herself

That last fatal supper

That defeated suicidal jump in the river

The torpidity of a prostitute whose moans are considered as joy

Her numbness and the invisible dried tears.
I am that honor of Islam being saved by burning Christian colonies

I’m Salman Taseer’s courage laid to rest by 23 bullets

That dollar-sponsored Jihad that took our sons for good

Jihad that filled the pockets of the oligarchs

I am also the dubious face of its pseudo-intelligentsia

The mainstream turned into the lamestream

The hypocrisy

Amir Liaquat’s fancy branded dress worn whilst lecturing on simplicity

Junaid Jamshaid’s beard, the beard which made him escape blasphemy accusations

Bilal Qutab’s tasbeeh that he rocks whilst wearing Armani suit

Mubashir Luqman’s hoopla breaking news, nobody believes me.
I am Billawal Bhutto’s sir name, borrowed from the mother, the only one of its kind

I’m the wretched citizen, searching for my culprit

I’m the lost pride, the lost compassion, and the lost nationalism

I’m a forgotten ideology

I’m an unworthy sacrifice

I am the Bare Pakistan!

Syed Muzammil Shah

Syed Muzammil Shah

Syed Muzammil is a Mass Communication graduate based in Lahore. He likes to write about social, cultural and current issues of the country.

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