Teachers’ conduct in the class

Teachers’ conduct in the class

I being the student of pre-engineering found ‘LAALTAIN ’quite interesting. It is catering the demands of students by covering international updates, regional socio-political issues, literature, so on and so forth. I’m writing to you because I think its audience is vast and multifaceted.

I want to highlight the issue of teachers’ conduct in the class. Teachers make or break the personality of a student. Our teachers, especially those of public institutions give too much preference to rote learning and carbon copying the text books. They don’t care to clear the concepts of the students. Moreover they focus on just ending the curriculum as soon as possible, without making students understand it. They discourage critical thinking and questioning. In my class I was considered the most ‘disobedient’ student merely because I asked questions. I wish these issues be addressed at the highest level.

(Zulqernain Haider)

(Published in The Laaltain – Issue 5)


چلے چلو کہ وہ منزل ابھی نہیں آئی

میں نے2011 میں سیاست کا عملی آغاز سندھ ترقی پسند اسٹوڈنٹ فیڈریشن کے پلیٹ فارم سے ضلع نائب صدر کے عہدے کا حلف اٹھا کر کیا۔

Dissolving Dawns (Journey from 1947)

We all started this A journey that begins For dawn A hope that was going to be born Having captains

شوق برہنہ پا چلتا تھا

سید اسد فاطمی میں ابھی تک عمر کے اس حصے سے باہر نہیں آیا جب پیٹ میں آٹھ پہر بھوک

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